Why are similar sessions (ex CanSkate on different days) priced differently?

Classes are priced based on the number of sessions offered. An example would be CanSkate A has 5 sessions while CanSkate B has 11 sessions. The time of the class can also affect pricing; prime time ice (evenings and weekends) is a higher price than non-prime time ice. Additionally, different areas have different pricing for their ice rentals, therefore, the location of your session will affect the pricing. Finally, as the season progresses our system will automatically prorate the pricing based on how many sessions remain.

I thought I booked my class at NESS: Don Hartman?

One of our many training facilities is NESS. This is also our billing address. It is important to look at the location indicated in the title of the class before booking your class. Once you have booked your class you can find the address of your class indicated under location on your receipt.

Do you provide skates and helmets for the skaters?

We do not offer skate rentals. Skaters are required to bring their own CSA-approved helmets and skates. CLICK HERE for our shopping guide. We recommend shopping at Professional Skate Calgary for proper fitting skates. 

Do you offer private lessons for first-time skaters?

We do not offer private lessons at this level. Private lessons at this level do not provide value to the skater. Skaters at this level are better suited to our CanSkate/Pre-CanSkate program to learn the fundamentals of skating. When your skater is ready to move out of CanSkate our CanSkate Coordinator or Director of Programs will approach you with the next steps.

What is the Skate Canada Fee?

The Skate Canada fee is our mandatory insurance fee. All skaters are required to have Skate Canada insurance. This fee is never prorated and is non-refundable. Skate Canada fees renew every September 1st and are paid once a year. Your Skate Canada insurance is valid at all Skate Canada clubs across Canada.

What is Star Academy?

Star Academy is an invite-only program where skaters coming out of our CanSkate program learn the basics of figure skating. From this program, skaters will be invited to join private lessons by the Director of Programs.

How do your figure skating programs work?

Golden Edge is a little different from other skating clubs. At Golden Edge, the coaching staff all works as one team. For private lessons contact our Director Tammi Chudak directly and she will work with you to set up your lessons. 

Does Golden Edge accept guest Skaters and Coaches for drop-in sessions?

Guest skaters and coaches are always welcome at Golden Edge. To drop in contact Director of Programs, Tammi Chudak at director@goldenedgeskatingacademy.ca.