Terms & Conditions

Refund Cancellation Policy

All refunds are issued at the sole discretion of the Golden Edge Skating Academy Ownership.

The following reasons will be considered for a refund:

Full withdrawal from all GESA skating sessions

Partial withdrawal from GESA skating sessions:

If a STARSkate/Competitive Skater requests a refund for one or more session(s), but are still skating in other GESA sessions, the refund will be accepted prior to the first day of skating for the session, less an Administration Fee of 25% per session. For sessions, if the refund is requested after the first day of skating, the refund will be deducted both the prorated amount plus the Administration fee of 25% administration fee. All refunds will be added to the members account for future use.

REFUNDS RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS - PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Star Academy, PowerSkating

The following reasons will be considered for a refund:

** Please note the $45.00 Skate Canada Insurance Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE **